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The Department

The Department  was created in 2012 by merging the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Dept. (DIAM) with the Information Technology Department (DII). Its main interests are in the fields of the Industrial and Information Engineering, thus named after.

Strategic areas are Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication. First  and  second  level study courses are active. Other fields of interests are Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Material Science, and some areas of applied Physics, Chemistry and Statistical Sciences.

DIII is located in Aversa, Real Casa dell'Annunziata.

DIII - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell'Informazione
Via Roma, 29
81031 Aversa (CE) - Italy
Phone/Fax: +39-081-5010.204 / +39-081-5010.290
VAT number 02044190615 





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